Orans Outpost

Oran’s Outpost is the northern most fortified settlement along the frontier. It lies about three days journey north of the town of Rurnan, along an old mining road that rises into the foothills of the Ironridge Mountains.

During the first skirmishes against the Ironridge Orc clans, Oran’s Outpost, named after Lord Oran the Bold, first Lord of the North, was established as a temporary wagon encampment resupplying patrols into the surrounding foothills. Over time, this fortification was added to and became a permanent garrison, supporting up to 1000 troops during the summer campaign. In winter, the men retreat to their winter camp in the fields of Rurnan leaving a holding garrison behind.

The encampment has been permanently manned since the commencement of the war, seven years ago. Every two summers, a new Lord Commander is elected by the King, and the armies are rotated. It is considered a great military honor, one usually reserved for the kingdoms best generals, to be selected for the command, as with it comes responsibility for command of the entire northern campaign.

After a long and bloody war, the King and his advisors feel that the tide has turned against the orcs. Despite an increase in skirmishes with orcish warbands in recent years, the feeling in the kingdom is that final victory is only a matter of time. The orcs after all are incapable of organised warfare.

The outpost is perched atop a flat-topped hill, that commands a view of the only pass through the Ironridge Mountains. The rear and sides of the hill are near cliffs, falling away almost vertically to the ground about 80ft below. The cliffs are tinged red from the ironstone contained within.
Atop the hill, the main fort is surrounded by two alternating rings of wooden pallisade, and ditch fortifications. A maingate, reinforced with thick iron bands over oak planks hangs within a double thick pallisade gate. Stairs grant access to the top of the walls where over the years a well established walkway and parapet has been built, enabling troops to man the walls as required.

Orans Outpost

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